Customer Testimonials

At Emma’s House Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are committed to helping women improve their relationships and enhance their quality of lives. We offer various therapy services to guide and empower the children as well as the elderly family members. Browse some of the testimonials from our previous clients to learn about how our programs transformed their lives. 

Shameeka is an angel! She is more than a therapist, she is truly a healer. My personal healing and recovery would be nothing without her understanding, support, and guidance. UR amazing Shameeka!!!! :)

- Ashley

I've been through a lot over the past year I am only 20 years old and all my life has been tragic I managed to keep my head up and have faith in God and pray to him each night before I go to bed I used to be homeless all the way up until 10:10 to 12 grade we have to share what we had didn't have any food but we made it out of nothing one night I bowed on my knees and pray to God that stuff will change and it did my mom got a new job my sister got a job but I also got a job and I also got a blessing from God he gave me a beautiful baby girl I am so thankful I was molested at 15 years old it really hurt me bad I thought my life is really over with I kept my head up and pray for strength and I wanted to move forward with my life I cried myself to sleep Non-Stop I was also homeless with my child with my mom and sister things wasn't going as planned but now we live in Baltimore Maryland doing great have a roof over my head my daughter is doing good I'm able to get her Christmas toys are able to do a lot for my child and I can't wait to share so much with my daughter Emma is just like God's angel I talked to her about some of the troubles I've had and she's helped me so much her and the rest of her listening to the daily quotes really made me think and realize that nothing is impossible I am so glad I got to meet them and she also gave me a journal to write my thoughts and I'm so thankful for her amen.

- K.B.