The Vision 

Emma’s House Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada understands the needs of women to feel empowered and overcome challenges in life. We offer counseling and other helpful services for women of all ages. Samyra Marie Lee is pictured below and she's the face of our S.M.L Program for young girls. R.O.S.E Program inspires teen girls to recognize their self empowerment.  Shameka (Meme) Green is the founder of Emma's House Inc. She's also a therapist, instructor, and newly established author.  Her book "Beauty From Ashes" is now available on Amazon. The book inspired Shameka to create the support group "Beauty From Ashes" for children of incarcerated parents. 

Beauty From Ashes Book

Imagine being thrown in a fire with clothing soaked in gasoline. You emerge from the fire without a hair out of place. Follow the journey as God saves Meme Green from the fire.  Beauty From Ashes gives details on how Meme Green survived sexual abuse, jail, domestic violence and an incarcerated parent. Detroit Raised Her But God Saved Her! "Beauty From Ashes" by Meme Green available on Amazon, Createspace and Kindle.